Careseekers Partner with Camp Australia to Provide Support for Families

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things this year, including the way that families go about their day-to-day lives. Many parents are still homeschooling their children while still trying to work from home. This is a very unique and challenging position to be put in. Juggling these two things as well as household duties is no easy task. Luckily, Careseekers and Camp Australia understand just how crucial it is to offer more support for families and parents who may be overwhelmed. Now, they have partnered together to do so.

The partnership aims to connect families in need with care workers that can help them. It also gives Camp Australia employees the opportunity to use their skills in other work places.

In-home and digital support for children with home school lessons, music, crafts and more, are now available. They can also provide assistance for parents outside of the home with essential tasks, such as shopping or staying home with the kids while these errands are run. The goal is to reduce the stress of parent’s new routines, which is a direct result of COVID-19. Not all families are able to adjust as easily as others, so this support provides a much needed helping hand.  

“At Careseekers we are determined to support parents who are simultaneously working and educating their children at home. We understand that this disruption to the regular routine is an adjustment. Some families aren’t able to cope as well as others. We are actively working with Camp Australia to provide parents with access to high-quality care from workers that otherwise would have been engaged with OSHC programs” said Careseekers CEO, Marissa Sandler.

Safety still remains a top priority of the organisations, for both clients and workers. All employees go through registration, are background checked and must complete training on infection control which is delivered by the government.

You can find out more, register, or find care and support at