Incontinence affects over 5 million Aussies according to The Continence Foundation of Australia, who are working to remove the stigma surrounding bladder and bowel troubles by using humour to get people talking.

Continence Foundation of Australia CEO, Rowan Cockerell said, “We know that many people laugh off their leaking as a normal part of getting older or after having a baby. But it is not normal and has a serious negative impact on daily life for millions of women, men and children.”

This year, the Continence Foundation of Australia has an exciting new awareness campaign called Laugh Without Leaking that features Ambassador Bev Killick, an actress, comedian and mother of two who lives with incontinence. Bev said, “If having a laugh gets people asking for help for their bladder and bowel leaks, then I believe comedy really can cure incontinence.” Check out the page

The message that you don’t have to put up with incontinence is quickly spreading across Australia due to the support of comedy shows, councils, libraries and schools all promoting that help is available, and that most bladder and bowel problems can be better managed or treated and, in many cases, even cured without surgery.

During World Incontinence Week, 18 to 24 June, make your life a life where you can laugh without leaking by seeking assistance from your local GP, Physio or specialists who provide Inconti-Laser treatments.

Advice is also available by calling the free National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66 or by visiting to download fact sheets, flyers and brochures.