Camping with Children – Advice, Tricks, and Survival Tips

Camping with Children – Advice, Tricks, and Survival Tips

The joy of camping can lose some of its sizzle when things go wrong. Poor weather, poor preparation and poor attitudes can really put a dampener on a weekend away. But we have put together a few helpful hints to ensure nothing but happy memories when you embark on your camping adventure with the kids.

Answering “Are we there yet?”

This phrase is inevitable. No matter how many games, books and electronic devices you provide to the little darlings, you will hear this. Accept it. It’s been going on for several generations and it is not going to stop anytime soon. Think pleasant thoughts.

Before the car trip has begun, it’s helpful to have set some expectations about the trip and length of time in the car. Show the kids a map, explain the length of time so the younger ones will understand (we are still two Disney movies away) and slice your road trip into different parts.

Encourage Camping Chores

At the campsite (where you have done all of your research, of course, and therefore know what facilities are on offer), try to get the children to “help set up the campsite”, by giving them easy tasks to do. Setting up an area for their toys and putting out the foldable camping chairs are easy tasks to keep little fingers busy.

After set-up, keep them busy with collecting firewood (if allowed), getting fresh water, finding marshmallow roasting sticks and sweeping the outdoor area.

Pack Suitable Rainy Activities

Rain happens. Books, colouring activities, board games and cards are a good stand-by items. LEGO and puzzles are not as good as all those tiny pieces can go missing. Keep electronic devices on stand-by, in the event of seriously poor weather only. If it’s nice outside, the electronic devices stay hidden.


Give Each Child their Own Backpack.

Fill this with essential items such as a headlamp, water bottle, tissues, sunscreen, repellent and snacks. You may also like to include a whistle so if they get lost or wonder too far, they can use it to advise of their location.

Their involvement in packing this bag prior to the camping trip is a good way to get them interested in the trip and take a little bit of responsibility for their own belongings.

Always Pack Extra Clothing

Just in case. The trip where you don’t pack enough clothes is the one where it will rain, or your children will fall into the creek the moment they arrive at the campsite. Bring along clothes suited to the location you are visiting, plus plan for accidents, change of weather and dirt.

Teach them Camp Courtesy and Safety

Some basic rules include:

  • Don’t run through people’s campsites. Go around them.
  • Be quiet early in the morning. Not everyone wakes with the birds.
  • It is not polite to impose yourself upon other campers when they are eating. Take the hint and return to your family at mealtimes.

Use this Camping Trip as a Great Adventure for All

Camping is all about creating memories that you and your children will cherish for years to come. There are lots of new sights to explore and new experiences to enjoy. Prepare meals together, take day hikes to see animals in natural habitats, collect unique plants to bring back to the campsite, jump into the freezing cold creek water, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories around the fire and spend time together as a family.

We often don’t realise how busy life can get. Research has shown that being outdoors promotes happiness, health and helps with cognitive development in children.  And nothing beats escaping your strict schedules (even if it’s just once a year or for a sneaky weekend away) and spending time with your family outside of the home.

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