Campfire Potatoes – Next-Level Campfire Cooking

Camping is a favourite family tradition in North Queensland. No matter the season up here, it’s perfect weather to gather up the tent or clean the caravan, relocate all the camping gear and prepare for days of relaxation and fun in the great outdoors. Sometimes, what can make or break a camping trip is the food! We know how hard it can be to prepare and cook good meals when camping (we’ve been there), and as much as we love the old favourites, we also love variety. A great dish to make are campfire potatoes! Campfire potatoes are easy, filling, nutritious and tasty – everything you could want. You can choose what ingredients to stuff the potatoes with, then wrap them in tin foil and cook away. As a bonus, they don’t require any clean up once done, making them perfect for a meal under the stars.

This recipe is based on a family of four, with each person having one campfire potato. If you have more family members or each person wants multiple potatoes, buy extra ingredients (remember, it’s better to have too much that you can use as a snack later on rather that not enough). 


1 large potato per person

1 cup grated cheese

¾ cup sour cream

200g bacon or ham

4 Tbsp butter

8 tsp chives

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil Spray

+ tin foil


Spray the insides of 4 large pieces of tin foil with the spray. Pierce each potato several times all over with a fork then wrap them individually and tightly in the tin foil.

You can cook the bacon or ham by wrapping it with the potato, cooking it beforehand or cooking it separately to the potatoes at the same time.

Cook the potatoes over a fire (it should be glowing red but without flames) for roughly an hour. You can use a camping stove too, of course.

To test if they are done, pierce a knife or fork to the middle and see how easily it goes in. The potatoes are done when the fork slides in easily.

Open up the foil of each potato and cut each one open with a knife. Scoop the butter in first then divide the ingredients between each potato evenly. Eat away!


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