Cairns’ Kids PowerShot App Gets a Kick Start

Cairns’ Kids PowerShot App Gets a Kick Start

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s a go for PowerShot, a revolutionary new app designed by a group of entrepreneurial kids from Cairns.

The brainchildren (known as the Awesome-Foursome) behind the app are Elliot Bairstow (age 12), Cory Dent (age 11), Jess May (age 11) and Hamish Howieson (age 13).

Incredibly enough, three of the four PowerShot team are still in primary school – Elliot, Cory and Jessica are in year six at St. Francis Xavier’s School and Hamish attends Smithfield State High School.

All four students are graduates of Emerging Entrepreneurs program run by Damian Zammit at The Space, which helps transform students into future entrepreneurs and mentor them as they grow and develop their ideas.

Hamish, Elliot and Cory all attended the Start-Up Innovation Weekend run by The Space last November. When Elliot pitched the idea for PowerShot, the three boys formed a team and started meeting on the weekends. Jess joined the PowerShot team a little later and the foursome still have regular weekly meetings to develop their business and their app.

The app combines technology, sport, and games to measures how fast users can kick, hit, or throw a ball and went live on Kickstarter in July with the goal to raise $5000. The team have reached their target and are moving forward with the approval process through Apple Inc.

The incredibly motivated 11-year-old PowerShot founder, Elliot Bairstow, said, “PowerShot is a better solution because existing speed measuring devices are expensive and inaccurate plus people want to share and compare scores.”

This is one of the many innovative features of PowerShot – it not only uses technology to measure statistics but allows users to share, compare and compete with others.

However, what we love most about this app is that it encourages children to get outside and get active (and without the need to chase Pokemon into traffic).

The PowerShot App team all love sport (Elliot and Hamish’s sport of choice is soccer, Cory’s is basketball and Jess’ is netball) and bring enthusiasm and a slew of ideas to every PowerShot team meeting.

The team have also enlisted the help of Dr Jason Holdsworth, lecturer at James Cook University. Students, Jess McKenzie and Tyler Harris are also supporting the technical development of the App in collaboration with the PowerShot team.

These young entrepreneurs are clearly on their way to kicking goals in technology and proving that you are never too young to bring a great idea to life.

You can keep up to date on PowerShot App and read more about their awesome journey so far through their website and Facebook page