1. Benefit from other’s experience.

If your school’s uniform list allows multiple options and you don’t want your child to be the odd one out (what kid wants that?), ask a parent of another child which items get worn the most.

2. Buy what you need, but no more than that.

As a bare minimum we suggest purchasing five tops and three bottoms. However, we all know kids are hard on clothes, so if this applies to your child, consider buying an extra item or two and rationing them slowly throughout the year.

3. Plan ahead for weather changes.

When temperatures drop, cardigans become essential purchases and are often more expensive – to save money, take advantage of summer sales and buy in advance in a slightly larger size.

4. Label everything.  

If there’s one thing kids are great at, it’s losing things. You’ll appreciate those labels if your child’s items wind up in the lost-and-found alongside a hundred others that look exactly the same!

5. Save your money!  

School uniforms aren’t something in which you should invest a lot since kids grow out of clothes so quickly.  Local shops can be a great source for affordable uniforms – Tropic T-Shirts, for example, offers uniforms starting at just $22. Visit for further information.