Building a Foundation for Learning with Kumon

For sisters Emma, Jessica and Leah, studying Kumon Maths and English is providing them a strong foundation for learning.

Eight year old Emma, six year old Jessica and three year old Leah all study at Kumon Raintrees Education Centre. Emma, who is in Year 4 at primary school, studies Kumon Maths one year ahead of her school grade. She says Kumon helped her especially in multiplication and division. Emma says maths is easy for her at school and what she’s learnt at Kumon will help her later in life.

“When I grow up, Kumon will probably help me with my grocery shopping. It will help me to calculate the bill”, she says.

Emma hopes to become a singer-songwriter when she grows up.

Jessica, in Year 1 at school, says Kumon English helped with her reading. She is one year ahead in Kumon English. For Jessica, who wants to become
a doctor when she grows up, being strong in English is important.

“You need to be able to read to become a doctor. Kumon English will help me to become a doctor”, Jessica says.

Leah is only one month into Kumon English. Sarah – mum of Jessica, Emma and Leah – says Leah has already learned to trace letters and write her name.

“She enjoys writing her name on everything”, Sarah says.

Sarah says she enrolled her daughters into Kumon to not only give them extra support with their maths and English, but also to help develop a foundation for lifelong learning.

“Kumon shows our children that doing a little bit of work every day really adds up in the long run”, Sarah says. “It helps them to build a good work ethic and develop study habits for the rest of their lives.”

Kumon is an individualised after-school maths and English programme. Advanced students can go ahead to study content that is above their school grade, while those who may be falling behind can go back to practise and revise.

Kumon Maths develops calculation skills essential for the study of high school mathematics, while Kumon English builds a high level of reading comprehension ability.

Please contact Kumon Raintrees Education Centre or Kumon Cairns North Education Centre to enquire and learn more about how Kumon could support your child.