Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea is everything Disney you can imagine, but in Japanese, of course! If you can’t make the trip to America, then Japanese Disneyland is an excellent alternative for a magical day out with your little ones.

Disneyland is a theme park on its own, but within the park is DisneySea. I would recommend spending at least a day at each of these parks. You can buy discounted tickets that allow you to visit both or you can opt to stick to only one.

The rides

We loved every moment at Disneyland and 90% of the rides were suitable for the kids as they were taller than 102cm. For younger children, you cannot look past Toontown. Here you can get your photo taken professionally with Mickey Mouse at his very cute house. There is a great rollercoaster for the littlies – my boys loved it so much they went on it five times in a row.

This led to our boys wanting to try out the bigger rides and attractions. I would say the highlight of the park for the entire family was Space Mountain rollercoaster, which takes you through plenty of ups and down but in pitch black.

The fun doesn’t stop

We decided to have a buffet for our dinner and then watched the Grand Parade with all the Disney characters. It was amazing to say the least. The boys were so thrilled to have their favourite characters wave at them and we had the opportunity to get photos with a lot of them. We had so much fun and we were the last family to leave!

DisneySea is the more rustic, Mediterranean Disneyland with plenty of great areas for children and fantastic attractions.  As soon as you hop off the train it is time to board The Disney Resort line monorail, or “Mickeys Monorail” as my kids called it. It costs an extra 260 yen ($2.50) but the extra cost is certainly worth it.

One of the highlights is the smell of popcorn that fills the air as soon as you arrive. There are ten different types of try on the menu – caramel, black pepper, jalapeno and cheese, milk tea, white chocolate, salt, curry, and cappuccino.

The best area for youngsters would have to be the Mermaid Lagoon. This amazing replication of Under the Sea is amazing, and the kids loved hanging out here for some downtime. These rides suit children of all ages and there is a great roller-coaster for kids 90cm and over. The Arabian Coast and American Waterfront were the other areas that rated highest with our kids.

In terms of the other rides at DisneySea, most of them were suitable for children of all ages but there was a few that have a height requirement of 117 cm. Our six year old’s favourite was the Volcano and the Indiana Jones Raging Spirits which was a roller-coaster with a 360 degree loop.

What makes them so great for families

Both Disneyland and DisneySea cater well for families with fantastic parenting facilities. They have a full baby centre where you can buy items you may need, like formula or an extra outfit.

They have the Fastpass (express line-up pass) single riders, and the alternate ride system, or the “child switch” which enables guests with children who do not meet an attractions height or other requirements to take turns and enjoy the attraction without having to line up again.

There is plenty of shopping, of course, and lots of great souvenirs that are not as expensive as we thought. $20 will get you a Disney shirt of your favourite character (be prepared for most visitors to be dressed up). There is also a fantastic show at the end of the night in the Mediterranean Harbour complete with all characters in boats with a lightshow, music, singing and fireworks!

Check out Tokyo Disney Resort for more information on park opening times and costs.

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