Why walk the streets shopping when you can sit on a lounge chair in your bikini, drink a coconut, and have the shopping come to you?

Sarongs – a variety of colours and quality, some have sequins and others are even silk.

bali sarong

Bracelets and necklaces – a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes made from pearls, to leather and beads.

bali bracelets

Rings and silver – there are only a few hawkers that sell these items as they are usually brought down from Ubud but they are real silver and are gorgeous.

bali rings

Food – often with the seats you hire they will bring menus down for you, you can also buy peanuts, beers, fairy floss, ice-creams, and lots more.

bali fairy floss

Bow and arrow – ok, you probably won’t get this back in the country, but hey, it’s still cool to look at.

bali bow and arrow

Beauty products – this was one I hadn’t seen before, but you can buy MAC Makeup, and other beauty products.

Get a pedicure, manicure or massage on the beach.

bali manicure

Buy a pirate kite – these are really intricate and beautiful. Even if you never fly them, they look great!

bali pirate

Silver and wooden statues, elephants, Buddhas and more.

bali gems

Get a temporary tattoo – there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

bali tattoos

Gorgeous paintings on canvas that you can roll up and take home and then have framed.

bali blanket

Watches – surprisingly they are pretty good, they have kinetic types that run on movement and work for a year if you keep them dry.

bali watches

Sunglasses – they may not be good for your eyes, but you can buy them cheap and they may be better than not wearing any at all.

Hats – just in case you forgot yours or need a new one of course!

Fireworks and lanterns – yep, be on the beach at night and you can pay to have them set off some fireworks for you, or you can buy a lantern to light up, make a wish and set off into the night sky.

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