We want likeminded parents to join our crew and champion PakMag in their community…

Are you a fan of PakMag? Then we want you!

We are looking for mums, dads and residents of the Cairns region to help us make a difference in the community.


Love PakMag? We want you!




    Under 21Between 22-30Between 31-40Between 41-50Over 50

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    Your interests:

    Family TravelCookingHelping people save moneyFamily DiningBeing Eco friendlyTrying new things

    Choose one of these statements that best describes you:

    I like to fit in and I like to do the right thing and will do everything I can to please those in my world.I like to feel important, I like to take charge of situations, I love getting what I want because I have and will work hard for it. I will do whatever it takes to get what I want from the world.I like everything to be in order, I like to follow the rules, and I like to be certain where things are going, I like to add structure and certainty to a world gone crazy.I love results, I love growth, I love challenging myself and others to be more and do more and add value to the world.I like to make a difference, I want things to be equal in this world for everyone, I want our society to be a safe and loving world.

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your interest in our business.

    What we want from you?

    Your voice, your mind and your experiences!

    We are after families that love to do things in the community, love to travel, love to be healthy, love to protect our environment, love to have fun, love to learn, love to know the latest and greatest and love to make a difference.

    What You Get?

    • Be part of the PakMag decision-making team
    • Review products and services in our local area
    • Your profile on the PakMag website
    • Heaps of free stuff!

    The purpose of our business is to Empower Parents to Raise Incredible Kids. The idea of educating, inspiring and entertaining children in their home and in the community through our words, our actions and our collaborations is what drives us. 

    If this is you, please apply for one of these volunteer positions today.