There is a tuckshop revolution happening across Australia! This grassroots not-for-profit movement holds a Healthy Tuckshop Day in June every year to raise awareness of their movement which aims to encourage and empower schools to improve the health standards of their tuckshop menus.

With the business of life these days many parents do turn to and rely on their school tuckshop. Whether you are ordering online or giving money to your child, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you or your child will be able to make a selection from a range of delicious, healthy options?

As a parent, you can help make this happen. Sign up as a ‘Parent Champion’, and you will be provided with an advocacy toolkit to help you join the fight to get more healthy ‘green light’ items on your school’s tuckshop menu and to push for the phase-out of the ‘red light’ items.

Your toolkit will contain resources for social media sharing and will provide you with ways to bring up the issue with your school’s leadership team plus lots of tips and ideas on how to help make your school’s tuckshop healthy and sustainable. Encourage your child’s school to sign up and become a ‘School Champion’ too.

Your child’s healthy habits start early. Will you take the pledge this year and become a ‘Parent Champion’ and help your child’s school tuckshop become a healthier place? Visit