Although we can’t wave a magic wand to remove fingerprints and soap stains, we can give you our top tips and tricks to transform your bathroom into your very own relaxation haven.

The bathroom time capsule:

Although from the outside, people can’t see what’s in your bathroom drawers, it is essential that your bathroom is clean and organised from the inside out. You’ll be surprised how many products you have collected over time, from old moisturisers to toothbrushes. Bathroom cupboards can quickly become time capsules if not organised properly. We suggest purchasing drawer dividers to help organise your products. Keep in mind, for quick and easy access, always place frequently used items at the front.

The magic mat:

In every bathroom, it is essential that you have a bath mat. It soaks up water from wet feet and stops mould build up caused from constantly wet tiles. It also provides a warm and inviting environment. However, bath mats can become an eyesore. If your bath mat is hanging on by a thread, then it’s time to replace it. We suggest purchasing a darker colour to hide dirty footprints and spills. It’s amazing how a simple, smart bath mat can change your bathroom’s appearance.

A floating vanity:

If you are thinking of a full bathroom revamp, then you might want to invest in a floating vanity. This style of vanity allows more storage space as well as producing a free-flowing environment. Finish off the look by adding a wall length mirror and your bathroom will feel bigger than ever. A large mirror in a small space does wonders, it becomes a natural light source and creates the illusion that the room is much larger.


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