Banana Smores – Next-Level Campfire Cooking

Camping is a favourite family tradition in North Queensland. No matter the season up here, it’s perfect weather to gather up the tent or clean the caravan, relocate all the camping gear and prepare for days of relaxation and fun in the great outdoors. Sometimes, what can make or break a camping trip is the food! We know how hard it can be to prepare and cook good meals when camping (we’ve been there), and as much as we love the old favourites, we also love variety. So, to help us all ‘mix it up’ and ‘up our campfire cooking game,’ try out this unique take; banana smores! 

Banana Smores

Just like traditional smores, banana smores are a sweet, late night snack that’s normally saved for dessert. However, you won’t need sticks or poles for roasting the marshmallows this time. Instead, we are going to put the whole banana in!


One banana per person

100g – 200g mini marshmallows

100 – 200g chocolate (might be nice to bring extra to save some for little treats throughout the camping trip. Just take into account that it will melt if not kept cool enough).

Tin foil (enough to wrap each banana fully)

Mini biscuits or normal biscuits broken into pieces (your choice).


DON’T peel the banana. Use a knife to cut each banana open down the middle, but without cutting all the way through (turn the banana into a bun almost – open on one side but still attached on the underside).

Put biscuit pieces, marshmallows and chocolate pieces inside the banana. Don’t be afraid to squeeze as much as you can in there!

Now, wrap each banana in tin foil so it is covered. Place very close to or on top of either fire or hot coals for five minutes or so – if you open the foil to check the banana smore and decide you want the banana to ‘grill’ more and the ingredients inside to melt further, put it back into the heat for another few minutes.

Tip: Why not try different kinds of chocolate to see which one you like the best?


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