Baked by Our Family for Yours – Jackley’s Bakehouse

It is a well-known fact that Jackley’s Bakehouse is a locally owned and family run business. But, to reinforce their ethos, they adopted the tag line of ‘baked by our family for yours’ very early in their journey. “Our business is fuelled by the support of local families that have grown with us over time, a lot of our loyal clientele come back to us for every occasion knowing that we can help them celebrate” said Bec Jackley, owner of the much-loved Bakehouse.

The couple behind the brand, Dale and Bec, treat the business as an extension of their home, much like many local small business owners. “Our kids enjoy spending time in the store and even feature on a lot of our marketing, our oldest daughter, Tia (10), helps out in the shop every Saturday at 4:30 am when most of her school buddies are still fast asleep” mentioned Dale. If teaching work ethic is as ‘easy as monkey see monkey do’ Tia will be able to follow her dreams with the same ambitious approach that has built the Bakehouse to its current standing.

The couple don’t do it all on their own and contribute their success to the team they have managed to build up around them.

“We have long standing team members who we love and treat like family and in turn they have a lot of pride in our brand and what they do for Jackley’s Bakehouse”

With the help of a hard working team, Jackley’s Bakehouse have been able to keep up with demand and has grown overtime. This is as well as being able to offer additional services such as cupcake decoration classes, Kindy visits and fundraising efforts to help local sports clubs and schools. “We have been blessed with such great support over the years. We strive to give back when we can, getting out and about to schools and kindys is something we take great pride in. And, seeing the look on kids faces is so rewarding!”

With their motto of ‘everyday is a birthday,’ the team at Jackley’s plan to be around for many years to come turning birthdays and your family celebrations into memories!