Babyproof for Peace of Mind

Babyproof for Peace of Mind

You’ve gotten through the sleepless night period, you’re finally feeling like you’ve got this parenting gig under control, and then someone moves the goal posts on you again, they start moving independently!

Once babies start crawling, it’s time to up the ante, get down on all fours and have a good look at your home from a different vantage point; a baby’s-eye view! You’ll be surprised by the dangers that present themselves to your seriously curious baby. It is a good idea to go around your home, room by room, and address all the things that suddenly have now become obvious dangers to you.

Take note of sharp corners on any furniture, assess what they can reach, and look for any breakable items that can be reached or could fall by the wobbling of the furniture. Look at your furniture in terms of its stability – will the coffee table tip if it is pulled on one side? Is all of your tall furniture stable or affixed so there’s no danger of it toppling should your little one want to climb it? Is the television out of reach?

This is also the time to consider all the ‘little’ things that you may have around too. Babies love to put things in their mouth, and these may pose a choking threat to your little one. And they will find them! A good rule is, anything that can fit through an empty toilet paper roll should be locked away.

Cupboard doors and draws can be babyproofed to ensure the treasures inside are kept safe (and your little one too). There are numerous safety latches and locks available, as well as DIY tricks such as using hair ties or rubber bands to stop little hands from being able to pull open draws or cupboards.

Doors also pose a danger to little fingers. Invest in some door stops, or you can cut up a pool noodle, put a slice in it and affix to any sized door to prevent it from slamming.

Electrical outlets also are an absolute magnet for babies too, ensure you cover any unused outlets with covers and that any electrical cords are tidily tucked behind furniture and out of reach.

Safety gates are great to totally block off entire rooms that pose too many dangers and are better kept out of bounds all together. Gates can also be used to keep them in a particular space that you have babyproofed and know is safe.

Babyproofing your home leads to peace of mind. Get these things sorted early and you can just sit back and enjoy as your little one takes in the wonder of being able to crawl and discover all the curiosities of your home.


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