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How Can Helping Hands Clinic Help with My Arthritis?

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Dear Cassandra, I have arthritis in my hands, can you help?

Arthritis in your hands can have a big impact on joints in your wrists, thumbs and fingers. You may notice swelling, pain, stiffness and limited range of motion. Hand therapy can make a huge difference with reducing these symptoms and ensuring your hands stay strong and flexible. We use exercises, splinting, laser therapy and paraffin wax baths as part of our treatment plans. Prevention is certainly better than a cure – see a hand therapist as soon as possible if you think you are developing arthritis.

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Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Handwriting?

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Dear Juliet, Should I be concerned about my child’s handwriting?

Handwriting remains an important lifelong skill even in this technological world and it develops in early childhood. If a teacher or you are concerned, then early intervention is the best solution. In general, poor handwriting legibility, fatiguing quickly or not keeping up with the class can indicate a problem.

Overall, the most common problems identified are poor pencil grasp, inconsistent letter formation, sizing, letter reversals, mixed capital/lower case, too light or heavy pencil pressure. Additionally, not writing in a straight line or hand pain during or after writing also indicate a problem. 

If your child consistently demonstrates any of the above problems, they may benefit from handwriting remediation. If you’re concerned, contact the Helping Hands Clinic today. 

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Can the Helping Hands Clinic Help with Work-Related Injuries?

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Dear Cassandra, Can you help with work-related injuries?

Work-related injuries not only impact your physical and mental health but also your ability to provide for your family. Workplace injuries of the fingertip to shoulder are particularly common in jobs that are highly repetitive in nature; seeking treatment early can help reduce the severity of symptoms and aids in faster recovery. Our hand therapists are able to provide advice and education with regards to your work-related injury and provide suitable treatment which may include ergonomic advice, splinting, strengthening and stability exercises helping you recover and return to work as soon as possible. We can also assist with any accident related injury from slips and falls, cuts and lacerations or burns.

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What Services at Helping Hands Clinic Are Covered by the NDIS?

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Dear Cassandra, What services are covered by the NDIS? 

If you are experiencing pain or functional loss of your arm or hand/s then our specialised team of hand therapists can help. We work collaboratively with you or your support person. Together we identify which of your goals on your NDIS plan would benefit from our individualised upper limb assessment and treatment plans. We help NDIS participates by treating upper limb joint pain, joint contracture and spasticity management. This includes serial splinting/casting, pre/post Botulinum Toxin A (BoNT-A) treatment, strengthening grip, and improving fine motor skills. Overall we want to help work towards your goal of living a more independent life.

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