Animal party ideas

Does your home sometimes feel like a zoo? Full of animals (or children, as some people call them!) running around wild? Why not celebrate their wild side and throw an animal themed birthday party? Invite your guests to join in on the craziness and dress as their favourite animal, whether it be a roaring lion or a cute little lady bug, the kids will have fun being their chosen creature for the day.


Create cute turtle rolls by using tiger crust buns from your local supermarket, then by using thin slices of cucumber, create the neck and legs of the turtle. Simply add raisins for eyes and your favourite sandwich fillings for a delicious, unique treat.

For a simple and healthy party snack, fill a bowl up with grapes and label it with ‘snake eggs’. This can be done as well with carrots as ‘crab claws’ and sultanas as ‘dried ants’.


Use animal figures for delightful party table decorations.
Add mini party hats made from paper scraps and pompoms for an extra birthday touch.
Purchase some stuffed animals and create an animal adoption centre.
Add a name tag and certificate so your party guests can leave with a memento, as well as a new friend.
Place animal masks on the back of the chairs for a unique table setting display.
This can be helpful for the little ones to remember their seat at the table as well as adding a personalised touch to the decorations.


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