Alternative Ways to Relieve Common Ailments

Alternative Ways to Relieve Common Ailments

When you get a headache, do you naturally reach for the Panadol? Try these alternative therapies and treatments instead:

For headaches – To relieve tension headaches caused by clenching your jaw, place a pencil in your mouth to relax the jaw. Or add a drop of eucalyptus oil to the temples to also help with headache pain.

For foot odour – Turns out, vodka is a great cure for foot odour (and you won’t get a hangover using it this way). Soak your feet in a tub of vodka – the high alcohol content acts as an antiseptic and kills the bacteria that causes the odour.

For sore muscles – Ditch the Deep Heat or pain killers and opt for a tennis ball. Rolling a tennis ball on your achy muscles helps stretch the muscles and relieve the pain.

For eczema – There are plenty of alternative ways to help with eczema but one that works the best, according to many parents, is olive oil. Simply apply olive oil directly to the irritated area.

For cold sores – Try lemon balm tea to get rid of cold sores quickly. Simply brew the tea, let it cool and dot the affected area with a cotton ball dipped in the liquid.

For motion sickness – Nothing ruins a road trip like motion sickness. Try sucking on a lemon or olive to help dry out your mouth and sooth the nausea.

For urinary tract infections – UTI’s can be crippling and turn into a series kidney infection quite quickly. Cranberries have always been a common ailment to help relieve the symptoms of UTI’s but baking soda is another option. Mix ¼ teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 250 millilitres of water.