All Things Tweens & Teens – PakMag May 2020

Why Lie?

Teenagers lie – it’s just a part of adolescence. In fact, they lie more than any other age group, with up to 96 per cent of adolescents having told a lie to their parents at some point. This increase in dishonesty may be due to changes in the brain.

So, why do teenagers lie? Generally speaking, most teens will lie to get out of trouble, to protect their privacy, as a way to protect others’ feelings because they believe their parents’ rules are unfair or to establish their independence. Don’t worry parents, it’s all normal. Plus, as they enter early adulthood, emotional regulation and impulse control will improve, meaning they will lie less.

Life After High School

We all go to school for a minimum of 12 years. We then become adults and suddenly, our lives are in our own hands – which is as exciting as it is terrifying.

One of the most important tasks you’ll ever do as a parent is preparing your teen for life after high school. There are a number of options for your teen once they finish Year 12, including going into further study (university or TAFE), going straight into work (such as an apprenticeship or traineeship), or taking some time off.

Have a sit down with your teenager and chat about what they’d like to do after school. It’s okay to bring up your concerns, but ultimately, be supportive of their decisions. Answer any questions that may come up, and offer to sit with them to help them on their path – whether that means applying to universities or writing resumes