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Why Work With Us ?


Firstly I cannot thank you enough for your interest in our business. As a small independent publisher, it’s support from local businesses that helps us provide PakMag as an amazing resource for families.

The purpose of our business is to Empower Parents to Raise Incredible Kids. The idea being to educate, inspire and entertain them in their home and in the community through our words, our actions, and our collaborations.

Happy parents = happy kids, which means a happier community. That is why we are so passionate about this important demographic.

Our aim for you is to help you meet some of your marketing and advertising goals by showcasing your product or services to our audience.

So lets get to why you should work with us.

It’s three simple things really.


We are the only media dedicated to families.

PakMag are the only media in North Queensland 100% committed to the family market. After a decade supporting this powerful market, we are the experts on how to engage, connect, and build relationships with the influential audience of parents.

massive audience

The audience is massive.

Parents with children aged under 14 years old make up nearly fifty percent of our local community. Parents are in the highest spending years of their life buying homes, furniture and cars to set up the best life they can for their family. Families are frugal yes, but they have plenty of money to spend on things they see of value to their family.


We are more than just a magazine.

We are a trusted advisor that families in our regions know and love. Whether they have been living here all their life, their family is new to the area, or they are simply new to parenting- we guarantee that one of the first things your family will be told is “get your hands on a PakMag”.

If you still want more information, keep reading!

About Pakmag

PakMag are also locally and privately owned by our Publisher Bree James. Bree has a huge passion for families and has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure we are more than just a magazine. The business has diversified time and time again to stay relevant to the market and also to the digital age. We are proud to be a company that is in print, online and in the community. PakMag are very active on social and digital media, we have hosted over 400 free community events, and we pride ourselves on being the market leaders for this very important target demographic.

We are also the only magazine in North Queensland that has its circulation audited by the Circulations Audit Bureau of Australia (meaning we can guarantee we print what we say)


We always hear…

“PakMag is my bible- it has been my saviour since I moved to Cairns”

“I absolutely LOVE PakMag, I can’t wait to collect the next edition”

“PakMag has saved my sanity time and time again, so many great ideas”

Our Readers

Our readers are amazing. They are parents with children aged 0-14, with our sweet spot being parents with children 0-10. Our readers are loyal, they like to do things out and about, and they love to learn. They are single parents, entrepreneurial parents, working parents, stay at home parents, foster parents, step parents, and even grandparents.

Our target is women aged 20-45 years of age, but as you can see we appeal to many more demographics outside this.


Our Circulation


PakMag takes circulation seriously and so should you. So many businesses are ripped off by false claims about a publications circulation and digital insights, it is one of our companies biggest pet peeves.

Imagine you are buying business cards. Your business invests in 10,000 business cards, but when they turn up you see that they have only printed 5,000 copies. You’d do something about that wouldn’t you It’s the same with buying space online and in print.

Unfortunately it is common practice for some publishers to be unethical when it comes to their circulation. They don’t make budget so they have to cut costs, and their print run is the first to be hit.

PakMag pay an annual fee of about $2,000 to prove to our advertisers that we print what we say. This is an independent governing body in Australia dedicated to checking circulation and guaranteeing figures so that you as a consumer get what you pay for.

There is only one excuse not to be audited, and its because the publication isn’t doing the right thing.

Sorry to be tough about this, but nothing upsets us more than seeing businesses spending their hard earned marketing dollars with publications that are blindly ripping them off. Even if those marketing dollars are only a few hundred dollars for a full page of ‘distress space’ is still wasted marketing money, we liken it to buying a bag of tomatoes for 99 cents instead of $9, and 90% of them are rotten but you don’t care because it was only 99 cents. Do that a few times and it sure ads up.

These sorts of practices make our industry look bad, and inevitably costs us and your business, and it is a terrible waste of your marketing dollar.

The only way we as a community can combat this issue is by more businesses refusing to advertise in publications unless they are audited.

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