We’ve all been told A is for apple. B is for butterfly. And C is for cat. But there is so much more to life than just learning our ABC’s.

These are the life lessons that all children need to learn. And it’s up to us as parents to teach them. So here is our handy guide to the ABC’s of life lessons for all parents out there. How many of these important skills have your children mastered?

A is for Amusement – teach them to laugh, to joke, to be goofy, to smile, to giggle and to enjoy life for all it is.

B is for Beauty – teach them to see the beauty in everything around them.

C is for Confidence – teach them to stand tall, to be proud, and to remain strong.

D is for Dedication – teach them to never give up. The power of persistence and perseverance is something all children need to learn

E is for Empathy – teach them to emphasise with others. This is a tricky one for little kids but it is one of the most important qualities to possess.

F is for Forgiveness – teach them the importance of letting go and moving forward. Not being able to forgive only harvests anger and hate.

G is for Gratitude – teach your children how to be grateful for everything they have.

H is for Help – teach your children to help those in need.

I is for Ingenuity – teach them to be resourceful in all aspects of life. Sometimes it’s all about thinking outside the box.

J is for Justice – teach them the meaning of right and wrong, the importance of justice and give them the confidence to stand up for what they belief in.

K is for Kinship – teach them the importance of family. Family is everything, after all.

L is for Love – teach them the meaning of unconditional love. Or, even better, show them each and every day.

M is for Manners – teach them how a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will always go a long way in life.

N is for Negotiation – teach them just how important the fine art of peaceful persuasion can be.

O is for Optimism – teach them to always look on the bright side (or at least find something positive in every situation)

P is for Patience – teach them to wait their turn, to put others first and, most importantly, that some things in life are worth waiting for.

Q is for Query – teach them to never stop learning, to never stop asking questions and to never let go of their curious nature.

R is for Respect – teach them the importance of respecting all living creatures, no matter how big or small.

S is for Self-Reliance – teach them to be independent.

T is for Trustworthiness – teach them the importance of telling the truth and maintaining trust in themselves and in others.

U is for Understanding – teach them to respect the values and beliefs of others.

V is for Valour – teach your children to put their heart and soul into the things they are passionate about. There is nothing wrong with being determined or passionate.

W if for Wholeheartedness – teach them to be honest, to be open and to be sincere.

X is for eXploration – teach them the importance to exploring the world around them.

Y is for Youthfulness – teach your children to never lose their childish side. It’s this youthfulness that keeps us all young at heart.

Z is for Zealousness – a little enthusiasm goes a long way.