We all know that swimming lessons are necessary for our little-one’s safety and overall education, but when it comes to winter, many of us can be put off by the colder weather. But, it’s so important to keep it up even in the cooler months, and at Little Snappers there’s no reason to wait until summer.

1. It’s summer year-round at Little Snappers – All of Little Snappers Swim Schools’ pools are temperature controlled and fully indoor. For the children’s comfort, we can alter the water temperature, ambient air temperature and climate inside the building to suit any season.

2. Drowning isn’t seasonal – Unlike most extracurricular activities, swimming is one activity that is a lifesaving skill. Staying enrolled in consistent swimming lessons year-round will mean skills are maintained.

3. Practice in winter, ready for summer – Most of our Queensland summers involve us enjoying water-based activities with our families. Take advantage of winter swimming in our indoor heated pools and be ready for those aquatic adventures in summer.

4. 50 per cent off your second weekly lesson – Because you are not exposed to water as often in winter, we offer a 50 per cent discount on a second weekly lesson. Twice a week lessons equals three times the improvement!

5. Baby and toddler development – Swimming is the only activity where children have a 360-degree range of movement. It’s fantastic for vestibular development (a sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance) and something we need every day.

6. Health benefits – Staying active 12 months of the year is vital for children. Physical activity contributes to your children being more alert and focused both at home and in the classroom.

7. Repetition – Repetition. Repetition. Repetition! We all learn through repetition. Stay consistent and proactive with lessons and children will become safer, sooner.

8. Skill retention – Children generally do not retain skills (muscle memory) until around the age of seven. Therefore, withdrawing from swimming or water exposure for even a few weeks may mean going back to square one.

With all these reasons you’d have to agree that starting or continuing your child’s swimming lessons during winter really is a great idea. If you would like to find out more about the programs that we offer at either of our Little Snappers Swim Schools, then give us a call or visit our website.