Kids are always looking for new fun things to make, so why not have some fun with that giant box you’ve had sitting in the corner for months? Here are some fun ideas for your kids which will provide days of excitement.

1. A Car

Depending on the size of your box, this car could be big enough for sitting in or just the right size to be a toy truck. A car with holes for windows and doors can be the perfect bit of fun, and easy for little hands to get inside the car.

2. A Castle

The perfect build if you have many boxes as this project can have many aspects. Don’t worry if you don’t, a spare toilet paper roll can also make a great turret to the castle and a good coat of paint will make your castle come to life. You can even put toys inside.

3. A cardboard desk

Cut out the bottom to reveal a quick and easy desk, ready to be decorated. This desk can be used to colour in on or just to colour in.

4. A piggy bank

A spare cereal box gives the perfect base for a great piggy bank. Cut a hole in the top and get decorating. This is a great place for your kids to store any loose change they may have.

5. A Rocket ship

This fun cardboard extravaganza is perfect for your future astronaut. A good decorating job can make your spaceship look awesome and ready for blast off.

6. A Washing machine and dryer

Get a large box and cut a large circle in the centre, and you’ve got yourself a washing machine or dryer. This could also be a good learning tool for kids to copy as you show them how you do the washing.

7. A boat

Similar to the car, this can also be a toy kids can sit and play in. A paper towel roll can make the perfect structure for a sail with a sheet attached to it for the full effect.