As 2017 comes to a close and the kids finish school for the year, you may be wondering what sort of activities you can partake in together as a family these holidays.

Here are seven brilliant end of year rituals to get everyone involved this December:

1. Pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it together. This may even involve getting crafty and breaking out the paint and glitter to make your own ornaments.

2. Do some seasonal baking. This can be an exciting and even educational activity for the kids! Christmas cookie recipes are delicious and easy, and the kids can help out doing simple tasks such as kneading the dough or cutting it into shapes using snowflake-shaped cookie cutters.

3. Go for a drive at night and marvel at all the decorated houses in your nearby neighbourhoods. Many families all around Australia decorate their front porch and lawn in anticipation of Christmas, creating a spectacularly bright display of colourful lights once the sun goes down. Why not load everyone in the car after dinner one night and go Christmas-light exploring?

4. Build a gingerbread house together. If you’ve made one of these before, you may find that they look much easier to put together than they actually are; but it’s all part of the fun! Buy a gingerbread house kit (or make one from scratch) and get your kids’ hands dirty making one of these adorable edible creations.

5. Sit down with your family and look back at this year’s memories. Talk about that time you went camping at the beach or that time the eldest child pranked Dad by putting salt in his coffee. This is a lot of fun in the form of a photo album or family video, but could also be something as simple as a journal.

6. Take a cheesy family photo. This is an excellent annual idea, and you’ll be able to see how your family changes over the years. You could even get imaginative with matching outfits and a creative backdrop!

7. Snuggle up on the couch together and watch a movie. There are many holiday-themed family favourite movies out there, or maybe there already is one that your family watches every year as a tradition. Alternatively, get nostalgic and pick up a movie you haven’t seen in many years to be reminded of what life was like back then.

We Want To See Your Rituals!

Do you have any end of year rituals? Email your pictures to admin@grandpublishing.com.au of your family doing your end of year rituals by 10th December, and we might just feature your ritual in our “Families of PakMag: End of Year Rituals” Christmas video!