One look around the North Queensland region is all it takes to see that we’re living in a pretty amazing place. There’s natural beauty in every direction, excellent schools and facilities in every suburb and friendly faces in every neighbourhood.

Yes, we certainly are lucky to call North Queensland home. But part of what makes our city so charming is the local vibe. There are heaps of local professionals, farmers, artists, vendors and companies that we often overlook. It’s quite easy for our local businesses to miss out when the big guys keep coming and expanding.

So before you head to the big guns for your shopping and service needs, consider the locals! Here are a few reasons why:

1. You’re keeping the money in the local region

Buying from a local family may mean you are helping a local family enrol their kids in school, rather than helping to buy an unknown CEO another holiday home in the Maldives.

2. You’re getting more than just a product

We all know how big a difference love can make. Local companies do what they do because they want to. They are proud of their goods and services and they are passionate about their business. This passion shines through in the quality
and service delivered.

3. You’re helping to stop the unjust labour laws overseas

By supporting local businesses that produce, grow, make and manufacturer their goods in Australia, you can be sure that it’s not just the quality of the goods that are up to standard, but also the quality of the workplace where the goods are made.

4. You’re supporting local growth

It’s the ripple effect. When you buy from a local company, you are growing their business, allowing them to afford to expand, to create more jobs, to employ more people, to keep Cairns thriving.

5. You’re helping the environment

Every time a product is shipped, it’s impacting our environment. Shopping locally means less carbon miles which is always a good thing for the earth. Plus, shopping for food locally means the product isn’t being shipped from halfway across the world, travelling for days and losing that fresh flavour and goodness. The less travel, the better!

6. You’re buying cool, unique stuff

Not mass-produced meaningless items. Every item you buy locally has a story, whether it’s a handmade outfit, a birthday cake, a cubby house or a punnet of berries. This is what makes shopping local so worthwhile – you are getting so much more than just a product or service.

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