5 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

5 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

The subject of adoption and being adopted can be a confusing topic to those who haven’t experienced it. Here’s 5 things adoptees want you to know about adoption.

1. Adoption is hard.
Being separated from birthparent(s) as a child is a traumatic experience. Being taken away from everything that is familiar and being placed in a situation all by yourself where everything is unknown is very scary as a child. This can even be dangerous for infants as they are not able to soothe themselves and need the calming presence of their mother to help regulate themselves.

2. Birthdays can be difficult.
The same applies to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for some adoptees. These days may be difficult for adoptees because it can stir up old memories about the separation, or sometimes it’s unknown why, but the feeling is still very strong.

5 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

3. What you see in the movies isn’t accurate.
Kids who have been adopted often aren’t like the adoptees in movies or TV shows. Many have experienced hardships and trauma, and all are worthy of love and safety.

4. Some adoptees want to meet their birth parents – some don’t.
Sometimes, adoptees need to find their birth parents in order to find closure, but not all do. Some wish to create a relationship with their birth parents, while others do not. There are plenty of adoptees out there who have never met their birth parents, even as adults, and do not wish to.

5. Family medical history can be a complicated topic.
Many adoptees don’t know their medical histories – and when asked what runs in the family, the situation needs to be explained. This can make trips to the doctor difficult and finding a diagnosis more complicated in some situations.