Whether your child is turning one or twenty-one, planning their birthday party is something a lot of parents find very stressful. Not only do you want your child to have a great time, but you also want your guests to enjoy themselves as well.

It seems there are so many elements to creating a successful event these days which can not only be time consuming but also expensive. So, I hope the following tips can help you plan your next event without the stress and even get to enjoy the party yourself!

1. Budget

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Parties can be very costly but they don’t have to be.
  • Keep decorations simple. Borrow or hire what you need rather than buying up in lots of things you just won’t use again.
  • Allocate a large part of your budget to the entertainment because what the children ‘do’ at the party is more important to them then the food and balloons.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

  • Start planning 6-8 weeks before your set date.
  • Write a list under the following headings; venue, entertainment, catering, cake, decorations, other.
  • Choose a theme – this will narrow down a lot of your decision making.

3. Guest Numbers

  • How many children you invite to your party is one of the biggest decisions you can make.
  • The more guests you invite, the bigger your budget will need to be.
  • We recommend no more than 12 guests, especially if it is a home party.
  • Be clear on your invitation if you would like parents to stay or drop their children off. Also state clearly if siblings will be included in the celebrations.

4. Don’t over cater

  • I know the stress of catering for a party can be huge, but in my experience, guests do not eat a lot at parties.
  • We recommend five items on your menu for the children. 2 savoury, 2 sweet and fruit.
  • Young children do not have a great sense of self control – so if you put out plates of chips and lollies expect them to be gobbled up in the first 10 minutes of the party.
  • We recommend you set aside a 10-15min time in the party to offer the food. This can be in a buffet style or get the children to sit down and you serve them.
  • NO FIZZY DRINKS – diluted cordial is still fun and it doesn’t make them all turn crazy. In my experience, most kids actually just prefer water.

5. ENJOY the process

  • Who says that you have to run around like a headless chook and then fall in a heap at the end of the day! With careful planning, you should be able to enjoy the day and take delight in your child’s experiences.
  • Ask for help – older siblings, grandparents, friends. If everyone takes on a job or two, your load should be lighter.
  • If your budget allows it, use a Party Planner and let them do it all!


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