Hacks for play time

1. Use a lint roller to pick up glitter, crumbs, or just about anything.

Cardboard box life hacks for playtime with the kids

The possibilities are endless with a simple cardboard box.

2. WD-40 works great as a crayon stain remover from surfaces and toothpaste works for removing marker stains from clothing, rugs and furniture.

3. Use an empty inflatable pool to provide a safe area for your baby to play.

4. Transform a table into a pillow fort by covering it with an oversized sheet and putting pillows underneath.

5. Empty cardboard boxes are great for playtime. They can be turned into cubby houses, race cars, giant art canvases… you name it.

6. Place a piece of tape over the speakers on toys to lower the volume. Sometimes it’s just needed.

7. If you have a child who pulls off their nappy, try putting their onesie on backwards (with the zip at the back).

8. Put masking tape on the floor to create a racing track for toy cars.

9. You can re-purpose a large pump dispenser, such as those for hand soap, as a perfect water balloon pump!

10. Give babies household items to play with (as long as they’re safe), they are often more interesting to them than a new toy.

11. Take lots of pictures and videos during playtime together, especially if you work during the day. It’s easy to get caught up in life and
forget to capture those precious moments.


Hacks for bed time

12. Add a few monster stickers to a spray bottle to create a “monster-repellent”. Spray under the bed, in the closet, or around the room as needed!

13. Wait until bedtime to cut your baby or toddler’s nails – it’ll cause less stress for both of you if you do it while they’re asleep.

14. Place a pool noodle or a rolled-up towel on the edge of the bed underneath the fitted sheet to keep your child from rolling out of bed.

15. Bedtime is a great opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your child. Settle down and read a book together while enjoying cuddles.


Hacks for the kitchen

16. Always losing bibs? Attach a hook to the back of the high chair and keep them there.

17. Attach your kids’ cups to the fridge by gluing magnets to them. This will prevent them from always grabbing new cups and leaving dirty ones laying around the house.

18. Hide your own snacks from the kids by stashing them inside the empty packaging of healthy food. They’ll never think to look for chocolate inside a bag of peas!

19. Use a pizza cutter to easily slice foods into toddler-sized squares.

20. Pre-package snacks and keep them in a snack container in the pantry for those mornings you’re running around frantically packing
lunchboxes, or for the all-too-familiar “Dad, I’m hungry!” moments.


Hacks for clothing

21. For young children who have trouble remembering which shoe goes on which foot, cut a sticker in half and stick them inside the shoes.

22. Keep a spare pair of socks by the front door to avoid the dreaded “I can’t find my socks!” moments when you’re running late.

23. Buy a quality pair of cargo pants for yourself. You’ll need more pockets than you think to hold wipes, toys, keys, and just about everything else.

24. Wash all socks in a laundry bag to keep them together – you’ll never lose socks again!

25. To prevent mixing up kids’ clothes, mark each child’s clothing tags with dots (for instance, one dot for your younger son’s clothes and two dots for your eldest son).


Hacks for meal time


Sprinkles on broccoli? Don’t knock it till you try it, people!

26. Blend veggies into a smoothie together with your child’s favourite fruit as a way to sneakily hide them.

27. Alternatively, finely chop up veggies such as broccoli, zucchini and carrot and mix them in with meatballs and burger patties as a way of hiding them in your child’s meal.

28. Putting sprinkles on food can turn the “yucky” foods into a fun-filled and exciting meal.

29. Melting ice cream causing a mess? Use a paper cupcake liner to catch the liquid.

30. For fussy eaters, use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese, or anything you can think of into fun shapes.

31. A frozen wet sponge in a sandwich bag works as a great ice pack for lunch boxes.


Hacks for the bathroom

32. Put a rubber band around both door knobs to avoid your kids accidentally locking themselves in the bathroom.

33. Bathe your baby inside a laundry basket in the bathtub to stop toys from floating away.

34. Stop your child from using too much hand soap by wrapping a rubber band around the head of the dispenser’s pump.

35. Hot-glue the holes in the bottom of bath toys to stop mould from forming (it’s the ideal place for bacteria).


Hacks for “ouchies”

36. A little aloe vera gel works fantastically when it comes to soothing minor burns.

37. If ice packs are too cold, try a bag of frozen marshmallows instead.


Parenting can be tough, and juggling all the tasks that come with it can be a challenge. Being a dad is the most important job you’ll ever have.
Remember to take time out for yourself as it can, without a doubt, be exhausting. The best thing you can do is your best!