Kids birthday parties are becoming increasingly expensive and with huge guest lists and excessive decorating, it’s easy to see why. Here are 20 tips to throw a memorable kids’ birthday party on a budget.

1. Perfect Timing

Set your kid’s birthday part in either mid-morning or mid-afternoon.  This way guests won’t expect a full meal and you can save money on food and cutlery.

2. Digital Invites

Save both time, money and the environment by skipping paper invites and using technology to spread the word about your child’s party.

3. Order Online

While prices online aren’t always better, shopping online in advance will help avoid last-minute impulse shopping.

4. Think about the Venue

If you don’t have the money to host your own party at home, consider hiring a local venue or making a trip to a local park instead.

5. Skip Party Favours

Skip the goody bag and use lollies in a pinata instead. Pinatas double as both a party activity and treats to take home.

6. Try No-Cost Games

Turn to party games like musical chairs and charades to save money on buying expensive prizes and unnecessary equipment.

7. Take Advantage of Wild Imaginations

Try swapping out cheaper items for prizes. Have a treasure hunt for gold-painted rocks (‘gold’) instead of lollies and chocolate.

8. Personalise Inexpensive Desserts

Try making a cheap packet mix or buying a plain cake and decorating it yourself to save money. Specially made cakes can start at $20 to $30, which can be spent elsewhere.

9. Consider Doubling Up

If you know another parent with a child who has a birthday around the same time, consider having a joined party. One party between two means half the cost.

10. Skip Expensive Decorations

Buying cheap decorations, buying in bulk or simply doing minimal decorating will save not only money, but also time.  To make your own decorations, try spray-painting different items to add colour.

11. Keep the Party Small

Resist the urge to invite 20 or 30 people to your child’s party and just keep it to close friends and family. You’ll save money on food and supplies.

12. Plan in Advance

Know when you will throw the party well in advance. This will allow time to save or budget for the costs and time to look around for cheaper supplies.

13. Splurge on the Memorable Parts

While you might need to cut costs on the overall party, skip certain things like decorations and cutlery and splurge on things like cake and party games that will be remembered.

14. Be your own DJ

Save money by using your own music instead of hiring a jukebox or DJ. Both YouTube and Spotify have free options and allow you to create custom playlists for free.

15. Let Guests Help

If parents of guests offer to bring a plate of food or arrive early to help set up, take them up on the offer!

16. Be Clear with a Budget

Before you begin planning your event, be clear on how much you want to spend on the party. By setting a clear budget you can avoid over-spending on last minute items and ‘impulse’ buys.

17. Skip the Traditional Party

Why not skip the party altogether? Plan a smaller more casual event with close friends and family; allowing you the money to do something more memorable. Or, try throwing a party every second year, helping to save up for a bigger, more exciting party every two years.

18. Use what you Have on Hand

If you have leftover themed decorations from another event, try planning a similarly themed party. If you have a large backyard, host an outdoor party and skip the decorations. Make the most out of your location and what you already have.

19. Hire or Borrow Items

Don’t have a specific item necessary for your party? Ask friends to borrow or even hire from a company. It’s likely to be a fraction of the cost of buying the actual item.

20. Focus on the Guests

It’s likely that kids won’t be anticipating a full meal and extravagant party favours. Focus your money and time on the things that matter. Splurge on cake and play simple enjoyable party games to make the event one to remember for guests.


March 16, 2020

I planned my daughter's 6th birthday party with the help of my friends. It was a tough job to be an event planner but seeing your child smile and enjoyed her day takes away all the tiredness I felt. So try planning your children's party and enjoy the moment.

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