two girls playing on a rainy day

Rainy days can be extremely boring for kids stuck inside. Here’s 20 ideas for kids indoors on the next rainy day.

1. Build a Fort: use blankets and pillows to build your own fort.

2. Play board games or jigsaw puzzles: Twister and Pictionary are always fun, as well as card games like UNO and go fish.

3. Have a movie marathon: re-watch all your favourite movies and movie series.

4. Cooking: cookies, cakes and anything sweet or try making something from another cuisine.

5. Play dress ups: pull out Mum and Dad’s old clothes and let the kids have fun walking around the house in heels.

6. Make paper planes or origami: have a competition and see who can make the best or most creative paper plane.

7. Make play-dough: simple recipes can be found online requiring common and minimal ingredients.

8. Make tie-dye clothes: all you need is a plain white shirt or item of clothing and some paint.

9. Make slime: you can find recipes online and can combine glitter and food colouring to make heaps of different colour combinations.

10. Pillow fight: so no one gets hurt!

11. Colouring in and painting: print off some colouring in sheets or just have fun drawing.  Give finger painting a go with younger kids.

12. Have a disco: put on some music and dim the lights, have fun dancing to your favourite songs.

13. Make some of your own music: use kitchen utensils, saucepans and really anything else you can find to make some of your own music.

14. Make a scrapbook: look through old photos and make a photo album or scrapbook using your art and craft skills.

15. Indoor treasure hunt: hide specific items inside the home and have a competition to see who can find them all first.

16. Make an obstacle course: use furniture, pillows and blankets to make your very own obstacle course. Fastest time to get through the course wins!

17. Play with Lego: pull out the Lego and make whatever you can imagine.

18. Play Charades: a game fun for kids of all ages, take turns acting out an object, movie, book or song and see if the others can guess.

19. Paint nails and have a ‘spa’ day: get out the nail polish and face masks. Have fun painting your nails different colours and relaxing for the day.

20. Play hide and seek: because hide and seek inside is so much more fun!