There’s nothing worse than planning a perfect party complete with food, a big cake and beautiful decorations and having a big group of bored kids sitting around your house. Games are what makes the party and are often the most memorable part.  Here’s 20 party games for kids of all ages when you’re simply stumped for ideas.

Try these at your next party!

1. Egg Toss – get kids into pairs facing each other and let them throw an egg back and forth between themselves.  Each time they successfully catch it, make them take a step back and see how far they can go before they drop the egg!  Use hard-boiled eggs to minimise mess and fresh eggs if you’re feeling brave!

2. Three Legged Race – get kids into pairs and tie one of each of their legs together.  Line the pairs up for a race, First one to the end is the winner!

3. Treasure Hunt – set up a map or series of clues to lead to a prize or lollies.  A great game for people of all ages as it can be easily modified for different ability levels.

4. Shave the Balloon – blow up balloons and cover them in shaving cream.  Give each kid a balloon and a cheap razor, and let them attempt to shave the balloon without popping it. The last person with their balloon intact is the winner.

5. Balloon Stomp – tie a balloon around each kid’s ankle and let kids run around attempting to ‘stomp’ on the other’s balloons.  The last person with a balloon on their ankle is the winner.


The wheelbarrow race – a classic party game!

6. Musical Chairs – kids dance in a circle around a group of chairs making sure to take one out each round.  When the music stops all kids must sit down on their own chair and the last person without a chair is out.

7. Limbo – put on some music and let kids bend under a limbo stick (broomstick, hose, pool noodle, etc.).  Keep lowering the stick until there is one person left.

8. Wheelbarrow Race – kids get into pairs with one on their hands and the other lifting their legs up and ‘steering’ the wheelbarrow.  First team across the finish line wins.

9. Truth or Dare – put at least 20 truths and 20 dares on individual pieces of paper and place them in corresponding labelled containers.  Let kids have turns picking from either the ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ container until all of the papers are used.  This game can be easily modified to make it appropriate for a variety of age groups.

10. Egg and Spoon Race – give each kid a small spoon and either a fresh or hard-boiled egg.  First one to cross the finish line with their egg on the spoon without using their hands is the winner.

11. Musical Statues – put on some music and let the kids dance.  When the music stops the kids must all freeze.  Anyone moving after the music has stopped is out.

12. Pin the Tail on the Donkey – spin each child around while blindfolded and let them attempt to pin a tail on a picture of a donkey.  The person who gets closest to the donkey’s tail wins!  This game can be easily adapted to a variety of party themes, examples including pin the sword on the pirate and wand on the fairy.


How fast can you race with your feet in a sack?

13. The Chocolate Game – kids sit in a circle with a dice and must take turns attempting to roll a six.  Once a six is rolled, the child must dress in a specific outfit (think beanies, gloves, an apron, t-shirt, etc.) and begin using a knife and fork to start cutting a large unwrapped bar of chocolate.  The child must cut each piece individually and eat as they go.  When another six is rolled they must quickly get out of their costume and let the next person have a go.

14. Colour War – give kids a cheap, plain white t-shirt that is okay to be coloured.  Fill water guns with water that has been coloured with food dye and let the kids grow crazy trying to wet each other.

15. What’s in the Bag? – fill a number of paper bags with a variety of different items (think baby food, toothpaste, cotton balls, jelly, an orange, shoelace, etc.) and let kids have turns putting their hands in the bags and guessing what’s inside.

16. Grandma’s Footsteps – one person is the grandma and stands away from the other kids with their back facing them.  The other kids attempt to get as close to grandma as they can while her back is turned and when grandma turns around everyone has to freeze.  Whoever grandma catches moving must return to the start and the first person to tap grandma on the shoulder is the winner.

17. Sack Race – use large pillow covers or anything else that works as a sack and let kids have a race hopping to the finish line.

18. The M & M Game – give each player a cup with M & M’s, another with nothing inside and a straw.  Give kids 30 seconds to move M & M’s from the first cup to the second using only the straw.  The person with the most M & M’s in their second cup is the winner!

19. Catch the Tail of the Dragon – best played with a large group of people, have kids form a single-file line holding onto the shoulders of the person in front of them.  The last person in line has a bandana tucked into their pants.  The person at the front of the line attempts to retrieve the bandana while the people in the middle attempt to keep the first and last person separated.

20. Toilet Paper Fashion Show – give each guest a roll of toilet paper and some clear tape to make an outfit for themselves in 20 minutes.  Put on some music and have a fashion show with kids walking in their crazy outfits down the runway.  The craziest and most creative outfit wins!