15 ways to save and make money


We could all use a little more pocket money. If you’re looking for ways to make and save money, then we’ve got you covered:

Every penny counts so start by looking for ways that you can save some cash:

Stretch out the time between haircuts

You may even find that you have the ability to cut your children’s hair or that your partner is actually quite good at dying your own hair.

Get smarter with your grocery shopping:

  • Plan your meals weekly so you only buy what you need
  • Always take a shopping list
  • Buy extras when your usual groceries are on special
  • Buy generic brands
  • Ask the kids if there are some ‘treats’ that they can go without so the family can save
  • Say no when your kids throw extra things in the trolley (or try not to take them at all!)
  • Shop at the supermarket on Fridays
  • Avoid the aisles in the middle where all the unnecessary nibbles are kept
  • Use coupons
  • Get organised and make sure you only buy what you need instead of doubling up
  • Eat before you go so you buy with your head and not your stomach!
  • Use lunchboxes with compartments so you don’t need to waste money on gladwrap

Avoid giving money away to your bank:

  • Avoid late payment fees by arranging to pay bills by direct debit or make a note in your diary.
  • Use your own banks ATM’s
  • Shop around for cheaper interest credit cards or ask your current provider for a lower rate

Walk more often to save on petrol

Use a toy library and borrow books 

Or, consider doing a toy swap with friends rather than buying new toys.

Look for ways to reduce your bills:

    • Look for cheaper mobile phone plans
    • Go green to save on your energy bills
    • Shop around for car insurance

make more money

Start thinking abundantly: 

Carry a $100 note around in your wallet or purse and mentally make a note of all the things you could spend it on without actually spending it! The trick is to just get in to the feeling of being wealthy so that more is attracted to you (if you haven’t tried this before, prepare to be amazed at where money can suddenly appear from).

Join up to websites that pay you in cash or products to do surveys: 

Check out RewardsCentral.com.au, www.myopinions.com.au, FreeParentStuff.com.au, www.AustraliaSurveyPanel.com, www.FreeCompetitions.com.au

Have a spring clean/de-clutter weekend and sell everything you don’t need.

There’s also loads of local buy and sell websites which can save you some postage. Or maybe you have enough to hold a garage sale. Every family has at least $500 sitting around in the house not being used.

Get an extra casual/seasonal job:

Many stores hire (part-time and full-time) seasonal employees. In addition to the Christmas cash you will earn, your employer may offer store-discounts on merchandise.

Pick fruit:

If you’re up for a physical challenge bananas are considered one of the most reliable sources for fruit-picking work in Australia. Try bananabarracks.com.

Use envelopes: 

Place your weekly cash in different envelopes (for entertainment, bills, groceries, etc). Once the money runs out, then that’s it. This is a hard lesson in budgeting but it does work. And it gets easier.

Sign up to become a secret shopper or seller: 

Try www.themysteryshopper.com.au Sign up to sell Avon, Nutrimetics, Tupperware, Candles, and other home wares

Rent out a spare room in your house: 

Try foreign exchange students

If you are an expert at Maths, Science, English or other school subjects tutor kids in the lead up to the end of term

Offer your services as a hired helper: 

You could run errands, do grocery shopping, pick up mail, fill in Christmas cards, cook meals and more for busy families.

Check out our finance section for more tips and tricks from experts in money management.


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