More than half of unintentional deaths and injuries occur in the home and backyard which is why it is so important to keep your house child-safe. Here’s how:

1. Arm your home with childproof latches on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

2. Prevent poisoning by keeping all household cleaners, chemicals and medicines locked and out of reach.

3. Ensure that your hot water system is set to 50 degrees Celsius.

4. Buy products with child-resistant caps.

5. Use baby gates on all stairways.

6. Keep an eye on all product recalls, especially when buying second-hand.

7. Always buy age-appropriate toys and check that your child’s toys don’t have buttons, beads or ribbons that they could pull off and choke on.

8. Keep children away from button batteries.

9. Use covers on all electrical outlets and hide electrical cords behind furniture.

10. Tie all cords of blinds, curtains and appliances out of reach of children.

11. Safely secure all furniture that can topple such as bookcases and drawers.

12. Make sure you have adequate fencing around any pool or hot tub structure.

13. Consider investing in a reverse camera or sensor for your car to prevent driveway incidents.

14. Include fencing around your property.

15. Consider taking a first aid course.


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