Don’t let the gloomy weather get you down. There is plenty of fun to be had indoors when there are no blue skies to be seen.

We’ve compiled a list of undercover boredom busters to suit various ages, interests and abilities. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad day – just pick an activity from the list and have fun!

1. Paint a self-portrait

2. Create a batch of slime

3. Bake some cookies

4. Put on a fashion showCARDBOARD BOX FUN

5. Make your own bingo cards and play bingo

6. Create a cubby house out of cardboard boxes

7. Create a joke book

8. Build a telescope out of an empty paper towel roll

9. Find a hula hoop and see how long you can keep going

10. Trace your hands on paper

11. Play hide and seek

12. Blow up a balloon and try to keep it from touching the ground

13. Build an indoor mini-golf course

14. Hold an indoor scavenger hunt

15. Make a dream catcher out of paper plates and string

16. Try different hair styles on each other

17. Think of something you like for every letter of the alphabet

18. Create a comic book

19. Make your own instruments and start a band

20. Make your own bath bombs

21. Write a story

22. Learn how to play chessSCRAPBOOKING FOR KIDS

23. Learn how to knit

24. Create a scrapbook

25. Finger-paint a masterpiece

26. Play ‘school’ with dolls and stuffed animals

27. Draw a picture

28. Have a movie marathon

29. Take a bubble bath

30. Make a playlist and have a disco

31. Make bookmarks

32. Create a blanket fort

33. Create a DIY balance beam using a straight line of masking tape

34. Tie-dye some clothes

35. Have a tea party

36. Play ‘I Spy’

37. Create a city out of building blocks

38. Revitalise old clothes with fabric pens

39. ‘Camp out’ inside

40. Paint flower pots

41. Conduct a science experimentSENSORY BIN

42. Write a poem

43. Embark on a treasure hunt

44. Create a sensory bin

45. Go bowling at home using empty bottles

46. Clean your bedroom

47. Play hot potato

48. Play a card game such as Uno

49. Play with marbles

50. Have an indoor picnic

51. Build an indoor obstacle course

52. Play musical chairs

53. Use old books, magazines and catalogues to make a collage

54. Play twister

55. Have a pillow fight

56. Create a train out of cardboard boxes

57. Blow bubbles

58. Paint each others’ faces

59. Lay out some mats and do yoga

60. Break out the board games

61. Play Simon Says

62. Try indoor hopscotch

63. Create a touch-and-feel box and guess what’s inside

64. Make paper snowflakesSTACK A TOWER AS HIGH AS YOU CAN

65. Stack a tower as high as you can

66. Colour in a picture

67. Assemble a puzzle

68. Squirt some shaving cream into a bowl and have fun (you can add food colouring, too)

69. Create life-sized drawings on large sheets of paper

70. Play a game of charades

71. Create a reading nook using pillows, blankets and stuffed animals

72. Make your own play dough

73. Fold paper airplanes

74. Make shadow shapes using your hands

75. Set up a racing track for toy cars using masking tape

76. Create a play and act it out for each other

77. Make your own jewellery

78. Borrow a camera and make a movie

79. Write a letter to someone

80. Make sock puppets

81. Create homemade cards

82. Make origami animals

83. Make homemade muesli bars

84. Create a kite (for when it’s sunny again)DECORATE SOME CUPCAKES

85. Fill the kitchen sink with bath toys and soap and let them play

86. Make your own magazine

87. Make your own crayons

88. Decorate some cupcakes

89. Give them a toy store catalogue and have them circle what they’d like for their birthday or Christmas

90. Paint and decorate a jar

91. Head to your local library and borrow some books

92. Learn some magic tricks

93. Put on a circus act by juggling and tumbling

94. Make a bird feeder

95. Pretend to be different animals – can you hop like a kangaroo, wriggle like a worm and buck like a horse?

96. Have an indoor snowball fight with balled-up socks

97. Make mini pizzas using English Muffins

98. Make your own perfume

99. Make crafts out of recycled materials

100. Head outdoors – sometimes, it’s worth it getting muddy for a bit of fun. Get those boots on and splash around in the puddles while you have the chance.


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