10 Things Every Only Child Can Relate To

Being an only child has its ups and downs, and it’s certainly very different from growing up with siblings. Are you an only child? Here are some things that might sound familiar to you…

1. People feel sorry for you because “you never had anybody to play with when you were younger,” but you had fun playing alone regardless!

2. People immediately assume that you were spoiled and annoying.

3. You’re perfectly comfortable spending time by yourself without getting lonely.

4. You had a whole group of imaginary friends… probably for a long time.

5. You feel a lot of pressure to make your parents proud. After all, you’re their only chance at having a successful offspring.

6. You appreciate your cousins way more, and you get along so well!

7. You probably had more friends to make up for the lack of siblings.

8. You’re pretty good at sharing, unlike popular beliefs (unless it comes to food).

9. You probably weren’t very good at fighting, because you never had a sibling to fight with over silly things.

10. You’re sometimes caught talking to yourself. And the conversations are pretty good too.

But at the end of the day, despite its downs, being an only child had its benefits. You were probably very close to your parents and had no problem playing by yourself. And without that, you wouldn’t be who you are today!