10 Spring Play Ideas

10 Spring Play Ideas

Spring is just around the corner and here’s some ideas to keep your child active and engaged.

1. Plant something and watch it grow through the spring months

2. Embrace recycling and limit your waste – create an aquarium, airplane or animal

Recycling 123
3. Enjoy a day at your local beach and take the time to investigate the rock pools

4. Pack a picnic basket and head to your local park to eat ‘al fresco’

5. Gather a group of friends and family for a crafty afternoon

6. Reach out to your local community and make a new friend in your neighbourhood

7. Make mud pies after the next big rain storm. How wet does the mud need to be?

Mud Pies

8. If it’s windy, head out and fly a kite. Talk about how the kite moves in the wind

9. Look for flora and fauna in your local area and identify them in your local library, on your phone or tablet

10. Learn a new recipe which features only locally sourced produce. Visit your local market or community garden for some ideas