Sometimes as an adult, you think there is no time in the world. You barely have enough time to cook dinner before your brain explodes, so there’s no way you could fit in exercising too… certainly not? There are many reasons to keep exercising as an adult, though!

But you can! Exercise is so important to ensure your body stays intact so you must find time to put aside for exercise in your schedule. In an ideal situation, one hour a day would be recommended, but due to the stress of family and busy schedules this can’t always happen. Whether it be going for a run or walking the dog, try to find an hour every few days to do some physical activity. This is why you should.

1. Increases happiness

When you exercise, your body realises endorphins which triggers positive feelings. These positive feelings can help improve your mood throughout the day and there have been links showing exercise can relieve some signs of depression.

2. Helps bones and muscles

As you age, muscles and bones start to lose strength so it is important to continue to strengthen them. Through exercise, they increase in function which helps to ensure no injuries are developed through ageing.

3. Reduces stress

Ever just want to get rid of the stresses of work or forget the bad day that just passed? Well exercise helps to do this while keeping fit. Regular exercise helps relieve stress by helping the body to relax and be calm.

4. Reduce chronic disease risk

Lack of exercise and physical active is one of the leading causes of chronic disease so therefore completing physical activity regularly eliminates this factor.

5. Boosts productivity

Exercise helps increase brain function throughout the day by having higher blood flow to the brain, keeping it more alert and active. A the brain is more alert this helps boost daily productivity, whether this be at work or at home.  

6. Improves sleep quality

Ever feel like you can’t sleep due to stress of nerves? Well exercise helps decrease this, making it easier for you to fall asleep at night and helps let you have a good nights sleep.

7. Forms new friendships

Whether it be a lifelong friendship or a new acquaintance, exercising helps you socialise. Friends can be made through exercise by finding a gym buddy, joining a sports club or just saying hey to new people as your walk your dog. All of these basic interactions can help improve your day, or the other persons.

8. Improves memory

As exercising helps to keep the brain active, this helps keep the part of the brain involved in memory more alert. Can’t remember what time your meant to pick the kids up from their mates, well now you can!

9. Eating habits improve

Having a good exercise habit can help motivate you to eat better too. Eating a well rounded diet helps your body to get the most out of exercising.

10. Increases Lifespan

Whether it be moderate of heavy regular exercise, both helps to increase your lifespan. No matter your age or fitness level when you begin regular exercise, every bit helps.