10 Healthy And Simple Food Swaps

If you want to lose weight or improve your health, it’s important to be eating the right foods each day.

But rather than being extreme with your eating (who could cut out bread or chocolate forever?) you can just make some tweaks to your current diet and see the benefit.

So much of what we eat and buy from the supermarket is based on habit. It’s not until we make a conscious decision to change that we see all the areas where we can improve on our healthy choices.

At first, it might seem a little hard, but after a while, the changes will become second nature.

  1. 1.Swap a glass of lemonade (124 calories) for a diet lemonade (2 calories)
  2. 2.Swap a pita pocket (190 calories) for a Mountain Bread wrap (75 calories)
  3. 3.Swap a 100ml scoop of Connoisseur Vanilla ice cream (224 calories) for 100ml of Peter’s Light and Creamy Vanilla ice cream (75 calories)
  4. 4.Swap a tablespoon of cottage cheese (45 calories) for a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese (26 calories)
  5. 5.Swap 80g of mashed potato (85 calories) for 80g of pureed cauliflower (19 calories)
  6. 6.Swap a tablespoon of sour cream (70 calories) for a tablespoon of fat-free Greek yoghurt (13 calories)
  7. 7.Swap one tablespoon of olive oil (119 calories) for five sprays of olive oil spray (5 calories)
  8. 8.Swap tinned tuna in oil (290 calories) for tinned tuna in water (190 calories)
  9. 9.Swap a tablespoon of creamy salad dressing (90 calories) for a homemade dressing of olive oil and lemon juice (45 calories)
  10. 10.Swap a medium potato chopped into fries and baked (161 calories) for the same amount of sweet potato fries (101 calories)

Think about other areas in your life where you can make some simple swaps too.

For instance, you could swap your biscuit with your morning cuppa for a homemade muesli bar or bliss ball; swap the car for a walk to run errands; swap 20 minutes of television at night time for the same amount of time spent doing lunges, squats, push ups and sit ups. It all adds up to a lot of positive benefit for your health.

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