10 Free things to do in Hong Kong with Kids


Holidays can get expensive but there are plenty of fun things to do while visiting Hong Kong that do not cost a cent. It’s always good to have a few free activities on the itinerary and here are ten that I highly recommend.

Besides the cost in getting to the destination, here are a few things you can do that are fun, and free for the family whilst in Hong Kong!

1. The Peak

You can catch a taxi to the top and take in the incredible views of the city and harbour below. The views are simply amazing. There is heaps of shopping, and things to peruse whilst you are there.

2. Hong Kong Zoo (HKZBG)

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is the perfect spot to go when the kids really need to have a bit of a play and burn some energy.

The garden is separated into two sections. The eastern part, known as the Old Garden, has a Children’s Playground, Aviaries, Green House and a Fountain Terrace Garden. The other section, known as the New Garden, is home to the mammals and reptiles.

3. Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park is a very pretty park with statues, ponds, playgrounds, aviaries, fitness trails and so much more! The ponds are filled with hundreds of turtles and fish, whilst the aviaries and Bird Lake are home to numerous different species of birds.

Once you have seen all the birds, turtles and fish, there are some great walking and fitness trails, the Kowloon Park lookout and of course, we couldn’t pass up the massive kid’s playground where we sat and watched the boys run and slide for an hour. It is definitely worth the visit for a day of just wandering and exploring.

4. The Avenue of Comic Stars

Just to the side of Kowloon Park, near the park’s Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard entrance, is the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars. It opened in September 2012, and features 24 figurines of local comic characters and 10 bronze handprints of local comic artists along a 100-metre path. It was great fun for a few quick happy snaps and the kids loved seeing some of the familiar statues of some of their favourite cartoons.

5. Markets – Ladies, Temple St and Stanley Markets.

Now I know we say these are ‘free things to do’; however, this one could cost you money in the end as you will find so many great bargains on everything from shoes, belts and bags through to drones, power packs and Lego. It is also a bit of fun haggling with the local vendors and if you get good, you can get some really great deals. The Temple Street markets is also home to busking opera singers and fortune tellers.

6. The Tian Tan Buddha

Other than the cost of getting there, the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island are really great free attractions for a bit more of a cultural kick.

The bronze Buddha reaches 34 metres in height and is the tallest outdoor Buddha of its kind in the world. The walk up the steps was a bit of a mission but once there, the views and Buddha itself were amazing. Don’t forget to take some water, hat and sunscreen.

7. The Avenue of Stars – Walk of Fame

The Avenue of Stars on the waterfront in Kowloon has to be one of the most popular sites to see in Hong Kong. This 400 metre long “Hollywood Style” Walk of Fame celebrates some of China’s well-known film stars including Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

8. Hong Kong Harbour

While at the Walk of Fame, you should definitely take in the sights that the harbour has to offer. Enjoy the “junk” boats passing by, the docking cruise ships and the numerous light shows on display every night.

9. Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hosting a variety of free shows and music recitals at the cultural centre, this wave-shaped building is quite close to the Victoria Harbour and tickets are handed out at the venue on a first-come, first-serve basis.

10. World’s Longest Escalator

Now this was pretty cool – this escalator comprised of 20 moving staircases, plus a handful of travelators, bisects Hong Kong’s Central and Western District. The fun ride saves you a long and hilly walk and gives you the chance to stop off for a cold drink, quick snack or an ice-cream at the awesome ‘Emack & Bolios’ Ice creamery.

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