How has another term already flown by?! Time flies, and chances are you’re at a loss for what to do these school holidays to keep the kids busy. We’ve compiled a handy list of 15 fun activities that won’t drain your wallet.

1. Plant a veggie garden – Fun and educational, planting a veggie garden and looking after it is a rewarding experience for young and old.

2. Camp out in the yard – Pitch a tent and sleep in the backyard! Don’t forget to bring your torch, pillows, and scary stories.

3. Have a movie night – Collect some family-friendly movies, grab the blankets and popcorn and cuddle up together on the couch for a cosy night of family entertainment.

4. Play with water – Summer is right on our doorstep. Cool off by giving the kids some water pistols and let them run wild.

5. Dig for treasure – Bury a few cheap toys in the yard (or sandpit for little ones), and let your children look for the buried treasure. You can even bury dinosaur toys and let the kids search for “fossils.”

6. Get artsy – Lay down a tarp, acquire some paint, dress the kids in old clothes and let their imagination spill onto the canvas!

7. Sleepover party – Allow your child to invite a few friends, lay out some board games, organise some movies and they’re in for a fantastic night of fun.

8. Spa day – Have your own spa day at home! Serve up delightful finger-food, drink lemonade, have manicure/pedicures, face masks, and massages.

9. Build a blanket fort – All you’ll need is a big bedsheet and some imagination. blanket forts can be built under dining tables, around chairs, behind a couch, over a bed, or really almost anywhere you can think of. Decorate the blanket fort with fairy lights and comfy pillows to make for a fantastic reading nook.

10. Get them to clean their bedrooms – Just kidding. We all know that’s not gonna happen, but you can try!

11. Build with Play-Doh – Sit down with the kids and create all sorts of creatures out of Play-Doh. The kids will love spending this time with you.

12. Make art with potato stamps – Use cookie cutters on thick slices of raw potatoes to create your stamps. Simply dip them into craft paint and stamp away.

13. Balloon characters – Plain and simple, blow up a few colourful balloons and let the kids bring them to life using markets to give them a nose, mouth, eyes, hair, and more.

14. Obstacle course – Build an obstacle course in the backyard with whatever you can find around the house and the yard. This one is sure to burn off some of that energy.

15. Read, read, and read some more – Take a trip to your local library and explore the variety of books on display.

How do you keep the kids busy over the school holidays? Be sure to let us know!