10 Aussie foods that every child needs to try

10 Aussie foods that every child needs to try

Growing up in a different country means that I never got to experience some of the classic Aussie foods as a child. But my kids certainly do! And as a mum I get the joy of discovering these amazing Aussie snacks that are neither fancy nor expensive, but hit the spot every time.

How many have you exposed your children to? And, for our overseas readers, let us know if you’ve tried any of these awesome Aussie foods.

Fairy Bread

fairy bread

Fairy bread may possibly be the best thing ever. Bread. Butter. Hundreds and Thousands. Costs all of $5 to make a massive plate of it and it will keep a whole party of kids happy. How could you not include fairy bread at a kids’ birthday party?

A Bunnings sausage sizzle


You have not lived until you have experienced the joy of getting a sausage outside of Bunnings. Sure, it doesn’t have to be Bunnings, but Bunnings sausage sizzles seem to always be the best.

Party pies

party pie

Another birthday party staple, just add a bottle of tomato sauce and a bunch of napkins and you’re good to go.

Chiko roles

chiko role

Not just for kids (our office aficionado Janelle loves a good Chiko), the Chiko role is the ultimate road trip snack to keep the kids quiet as you attempt to reach your destination.



Who knew that mixing milk with chocolate powder could produce such amazingness? Even the texture of Milo is unique to any other chocolate drink I’ve ever had.



Shapes are the ultimate Aussie cracker, perfect for when you are dying of starvation, when you are in desperate need of an extra something for the lunch box or when you need to keep the kids quiet and happily munching away. They come in pretty much every flavour under the sun but I’m sticking to my guns and claiming that the pizza flavoured ones are the best.

And you know those kangaroo shaped salt-and-vinegar flavoured crackers you find beside the Shapes? Also worth a try!

Golden Gaytime

golden gaytime

It’s hard to have a gaytime on your own. And make sure you also add Paddle Pops to the list. Rainbow ones win in my books.



The ultimate Aussie treat, Lamingtons are essentially a sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut with jam in the middle. But they are oh so much more. They are teeny tiny square bits of heaven.

Tim Tams

tim tams

How can you describe Tim Tams to someone? Basically, if someone made the best biscuit ever, and then drizzled it in chocolate and squirted even more chocolate (or other equally awesome flavouring) into the middle, you’d have a Tim Tam.

Oreo, you really need to up your game.



Love it or hate it, all kids have to try it. My two hate the stuff but I love it. Go figure.

What Aussie favourites have we missed?

(images sourced via Flickr)