Sleepovers can be tough, but thinking of activities to keep a group of children or teens entertained for hours can be even tougher. So, we’re here to help you out. We have compiled a list of 10 great craft ideas, games, themes and activities that can be tweaked to cater for a range of ages and will keep them busy during their slumber.

1. Home Theatre

Organise the coolest movie night ever by turning your lounge room into the ultimate theatre. Cover the floors with pillows and blankets and select three or four movies, create a vote sheet for each attendee and let them tick off their favourite movie to avoid conflict of choice. Create a self-serve popcorn bar by filling a container with popcorn and placing plastic cups beside to scoop and optional toppings to add.

2. Camp In

Why camp outside when you can camp inside? Turn your lounge room into the full camping experience, pull up tents to sleep in, create a fake fire, eat marshmallows off of sticks and tell spooky stories with a flashlight. Take this experience a step further by ‘turning off’ electricity and hiding snacks around the house to hunt for.

3. Personalised Sleep Wear

Ensure your sleepover guests have something unique to take home with them to remember their night. Set up a craft station to decorate things such as pillow cases, eye masks or matching pajamas. Make sure this activity is done earlier in the evening to ensure that paint is dry enough to wear their new creations by bedtime.

4. Skittle Fishing

This game is super easy and delicious. Grab a big bowl, some cups, straws, music and of course, the skittles (m&ms work too). Empty the packet of sweets into the bowl, let the children sit around it, and give them all a cup and a straw. The aim is to use the straw to suction the sweets out of the bowl and into their own cup, no hands! Play a song to begin and end the game, the child with the most in their cup by the end is the winner, although all the children get to eat their sweets in the end, so no tears.

5. Wacky Wardrobe

This one is a silly take on pass the parcel. In a large bag, pop in a bunch of random clothing pieces. Include bright and oversized things like a silly hat, a chunky necklace, one sneaker, a frilly skirt etc. If you don’t have things like this at home, go by your local second-hand shop pre-party and chose some crazy items. Get all of the children in a circle, play some music and let them pass around the bag. When the music stops, the child with the bag must wear the first item they pull out, this then continues until the bag is empty. The winning child will have the least amount of crazy wardrobe additions, or the most depending on how hilarious they look.

6. Pizza Shop

Grab some mini pizza bases and pre-chop a variety of pizza toppings for your sleepover guests. Sit everyone at the table with their own base, all of the condiments and let them create! This idea doubles up as a craft activity to keep them busy as well as a delicious dinner. Don’t forget to be mindful of allergies and intolerances in the group, and have a chat to parents before feeding everyone.

7. Build a Fort

Depending on the age of the attendees and how delicate your furniture is, build a giant bed-fort. Round up pillows, blankets, sheets and furniture that can be used as structures and let them create a big, soft cave. Once the kids are happy with their masterpiece, offer them option of sleeping inside. Thisgives them a better chance of actually wanting to sleep, and a great space to host a movie.

8. Designer Cupcakes

Bake or buy some cupcakes, set up a ‘styling station’ and let the sleepover guests decorate their cupcake as they please. This one can get quite messy if you’re including sprinkles and other delicate toppings, so place a big sheet on the ground to catch everything that the table doesn’t.

9. Fluffy Bunny

This game is an age-old gem, and possibly the most hilarious. The only item you will need for this game is a bag of marshmallows. Each child takes a turn putting a single marshmallow into their mouth (without swallowing it) and saying the words “fluffy bunny.” This continues around the circle, becoming more and more difficult as more marshmallows are added.

The winner is the child who can audibly say “fluffy bunny” with the most marshmallows in their mouth. It’s so simple, yet so entertaining.

10. Talent Show

Host your very own talent show, encourage the kids to make up a song, dance or magic trick to perform individually or in groups. Create talent show tickets and an audience of stuffed animals. Have a small goody bag prize for the winner, as well as runner up prizes for everyone else.